CHUACollege of Health and Urban Affairs (Florida International University)
CHUACommittee for the Humane Use of Animals (State University of New York; Syracuse, NY)
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My cousin Chua, the rat, told me--" said Chuchundra, and then he stopped.
You're right, Chuchundra; I should have talked to Chua.
That is why they become destructive and engage in some form of violence,' Chua said.
TRAIN has begun to impact inflation as expected, although other factors are the bigger contributors to higher inflation,' Chua said.
Alfrancis Chua, the sports director of San Miguel Corporation and an alumnus of the Colegio (HS Batch 1985), has vowed to help the Letran Sports Program.
When I checked on the label on the one given to me, it says 'ham and cheese,'" shared Chua, who turns out to be a director at the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP).
I and my colleagues are very disappointed that our entry was not granted despite us giving an ample notice before the visit," Chua, also a member of Malaysian Parliament, added.
Ms Chua Lim claims she was on the road to "curing" her husband of the liver and kidney disease that claimed his life using an ancient Chinese treatment.
In the book, Chua describes episodes of her struggles raising her two American daughters the "Chinese way.
Chua, 49, was jailed for life - with a minimum of 35 years - in May for the murder of two patients and the poisoning of 20 others while working as a nurse at Stepping Hill Hospital.
At first Filipino Chua was allowed visits with his daughters, 19 and nine, but they eventually stopped.
Chua has sent his family a message saying, "Don't worry about me, I'm OK here", said his sister Flocer, who lives in Japan.