CHUACollege of Health and Urban Affairs (Florida International University)
CHUACommittee for the Humane Use of Animals (State University of New York; Syracuse, NY)
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My cousin Chua, the rat, told me--" said Chuchundra, and then he stopped.
You're right, Chuchundra; I should have talked to Chua.
Chua is the "American-born daughter of ethnic parents raised in the Philippines.
Chua was found guilty of <Bmurdering Mrs Arden and Mr Weaver.
Chua stood in silence, only blinking as the foreman of the jury, after deliberating for 11 days, delivered the verdicts following the trial at Manchester Crown Court.
Chua is vice-president of the Malaysian Chinese Association, a key part of Abdullah's coalition government.
Chua has more than 17 years experience in financial services sales and business development roles.
Clearly, Chua's book has touched a raw nerve, both for non-Asians who may be casting an envious look at high-achieving Asian Americans like Chua and her children, and for Asian-American parents who are offended that Chua has called her parenting tactics the "Chinese" way.
Thursday, December 12th, Kuala Lumpur - Bob Chua CEO of Pulse Group PLC was
18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bernardo Chua made a special trip to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on the 27[sup.
Chua said that PhilCall is once again aggressively taking strides in defining the Association's role in the rapidly growing call center market.