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CHUCKCommittee to Halt Useless College Killings
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Why, if I went to Scotland Yard this minute, to give myself up, they'd chuck me out for a harmless lunatic.
Willum's sweetheart is in the "veast" somewhere, and has strictly enjoined him not to get his head broke at back-swording, on pain of her highest displeasure; but as she is not to be seen (the women pretend not to like to see the backsword play, and keep away from the stage), and as his hat is decidedly getting old, he chucks it on to the stage, and follows himself, hoping that he will only have to break other people's heads, or that, after all, Rachel won't really mind.
Created in 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star is recognized for its unmistakable silhouette, both high-top and low-cut, a canvas upper, a star-centered ankle patch and a vulcanised rubber sole.
The 'Bleeder' nickname is appropriate because Chuck mostly bleeds here, literally and (especially) metaphorically: like Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw , his great talent as a boxer lies in being able to take a punch, again and again -- and his life also consists of taking punches, though admittedly it's mostly his own fault.
Born the fifth of seven children, Chuck grew up in Havre de Grace, MD, graduating from high school in June 1970.
Chuck started with IREM in 1972 as the Experience Exchange Coordinator, which is now called the Income/Expense ("TIE") Analysis program when IREM had only 18 staff members.
Hydraulic chucks [hydro chucks] have long been considered the most precise chuck system available.
The cost of Two-Buck Chuck, sold under the Charles Shaw label and produced by Bronco Wine Co.
The Chuck Jones Gallery will also give prizes to one runner-up winner and the "Most Viral" winner.
CAC's unique split bushing design clamps and releases quickly and easily, holding the Cor-LokXE model chuck securely in place, thereby not marking or damaging the thru shaft to which it is mounted.
show, TV's Chuck (played by Zachary Levi) has personal videos on YouTube, a set of photos on Flicker, a personalized radio station spinning his favorite tunes on Last.
I couldn't wait to try a tractor," Chuck says of his early engine-powered excitement.