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CHUCKCommittee to Halt Useless College Killings
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Mr F.'s Aunt persisted in replying, 'Bring him for'ard and I'll chuck him out o' winder!' Having reiterated this demand an immense number of times, with a sustained glare of defiance at Little Dorrit, Mr F.'s Aunt folded her arms, and sat down in the corner of the pie-shop parlour; steadfastly refusing to budge until such time as 'he' should have been 'brought for'ard,' and the chucking portion of his destiny accomplished.
He would do it like a shot, and chuck in a lot of legal words to make it sound right.
"Yea, truly," quoth Robin, "help thyself, sweet chuck, and meantime let me see whether thy pigeon pie is fresh or no."
"Wilt thou have my hide or my money, sweet chuck?" But to this the other answered never a word.
Why, if I went to Scotland Yard this minute, to give myself up, they'd chuck me out for a harmless lunatic.
I don't believe in all that 'only' rot; nevertheless I tell you that she was the one being who ever entirely satisfied my sense of beauty; and I honestly believe I could have chucked the world and been true to Faustina for that alone.
They were horribly afraid of Trent though, and while they were closing round us the others came up and the natives chucked it at once.
The cigar was snatched away exactly as you describe, and the poodle was chucked out of the window after it.
I could never quite tell how it came about; he had only just mounted me on the training ground, when something I did put him out of temper, and he chucked me hard with the rein.
And again dodging the boom, I ran to the colour lines, handed down their cursed black flag, and chucked it overboard.
The amount of the prize is sufficient to stimulate the men of the immediate neighbourhood, but not enough to bring any very high talent from a distance; so, after a glance or two round, a tall fellow, who is a down shepherd, chucks his hat on to the stage and climbs up the steps, looking rather sheepish.
He would destroy this pig who chucked his Jeanne under the chin.