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CHUDEConference of Heads of University Departments of Economics (Royal Economic Society; United Kingdom)
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It is important to emphasize the difference exists from this study, with the cited experiments that assessed the soil Zn effects on cacao tree seedlings (CHUDE and OBIGBESAN, 1983; OLIVEIRA et.
Chude: In 1994, a group of us brought Jim Forman out to the Bay Area to speak in schools and for a public meeting.
Nejvetsi hrozbou pro rozvoj jsou podle zpravy nove formy konfliktu a nasili, ktere se objevily po skonceni studene valky, a nove formy nasili ohrozuji chude i bohate zeme bez rozdilu.
While disclosing the provisions of the Bill, Professor Chude explained that the Bill has provided a five-year jail term for any supplier or distributor who engages in the sale of fake and adulterated fertilizer to short-change Nigerian farmers.
Nigerians, in the long march to democracy, are increasingly waking up to this fact, which has Chude Jideonwo jumping for joy.
Jedinou pripominkou, kterou lze mit ke sborniku jako celku, je chude graficke zpracovani.
Despite the complaints of his wife, Chude did not care, as he kept telling his wife that she did not expect him to return home after struggling for family survival, and then start doing some house chores, or even cooking for himself.
Chude informed the court that his client could not make it to court because he was ill.
Marlboro: Corinne Baker, Connor Bowen, Cynthia Chude, Andrew Dwinells, Carlos Montes de Oca, Amanda Sawyer
WITH MY WIFE, Pamela (Chude) Allen, a founding activist and writer in the women's liberation movement, I moved to San Francisco in August 1968 where we both worked for the Guardian bureau.
The Registrar of Nigerian Institute of Soil Science, Professor Victor Chude, warned that Nigeria's quest for food security would remain a mirage, unless the present application of fertilizer to crops is changed.
Marlboro: Majorieh Almeida, Chelsea Baker, Meg Belmore, Justin Bonina, David Canale, Cathy Chude, Lisa Farese, Allyson Farley, Patrick Feeney, Tyler Gibb, Peter Holmes, Nicole Keenan, Nicole Leblanc, Cathleen Natale, Lindsay O'Malley, Colleen Panasevich, Jocelyn Trudeau, Danielle Winske