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CHUMPChief Military Umpire
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He said he had asked the National Bureau of Investigation to perform an autopsy on Chump to determine the details surrounding his death.
I decided to spin past Pc Chump to get his name and inquire, quite reasonably, why he had refused to waive the restriction in the case of an emergency.
Does Viscount Chump suddenly inherit the earldom and become an earl, as the earldom is apparently vacant?
I've my own theory as to why the Bitter Big Chump bites the hand that fed him so handsomely.
But price-wise I was looking for a humbler cut and chump fitted the bill perfectly," says Andrew.
MICHAEL BALL: He's the chump for carrying on the culture of violence at Man Citeh.
The popular TV presenter has teamed up with Scots dog Chump for the BBC's Underdog Show.
ASHAMED as I am to be drawn into the love lives of the rich and not-so-famous, I couldn't help but feel some empathy towards the ex-fiancee of Celebrity Big Brother chump Preston this week.
Granted, Fox News' chump change ratings--like those of all the cable news channels--is more a testament to audience fragmentation than to the overriding will of the American people; but if news junkies really are fed up with palaver, they've got a funny way of showing it.
Some people have criticized these contributions--suggesting that $25 million is little more than chump change to multibillionaires such as Gates.
It's not so much that you have all these things you want to buy; it's simply that in this world of ostentation, you feel like a chump pulling down 22 grand.