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CHUMPSChildren of Upwardly Mobile Parents
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"After giving them the second goal they looked like a bloody good team then and we looked like chumps chasing it around.
If this is the case then one can hardly refer to the electorate as "chumps".
Because chumps shift their weight from one foot to the
To be fair, the BLUU Chumps tend also to adjust the height of their umbrellas, but who decides which umbrella goes down, and which goes up?
The author's main point in "Dump that Chump!: From Doormat to Diva in Only Nine Steps--a Guide to Getting Over Mr.
Our transport chumps are now in their third decade of refusing to return passenger trains and stations to our remaining 38 miles of empty double track lines.
If the idea of amateur dramatics fills you with images of a church hall stage populated with chumps hoofing their way through Salad Days, think again.
The same viewer also was offended by the 1949 short Tennis Chumps, in which Tom plays tennis with a cigar-smoking opponent.
In "Tennis Chumps," Tom's tennis adversary is shown smoking a cigar.
PLS mechanics, don't be chumps and forget about the priming pump!
I'm sorry chumps, but there is a difference between lapping over and actually doing a Smith grind.
If this turns out to be the dominant analysis, present and past critics will be awkwardly placed, finding themselves in a similar position to those who went to the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s and returned saying that "I have seen the future and it works." In short, those of us who had opposed the invasion of Iraq will feel like chumps, though we will rightly remind ourselves that the debate over whether to bomb Baghdad was always about means, not ends.