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CHUMPSChildren of Upwardly Mobile Parents
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unconscious chump dissolves into the sheets like sugar.
But in order to achieve the degree of dryness the BLUU Chumps think their massive umbrellas give them, the canopy would have to reach down to the pavement.
PLS mechanics, don't be chumps and forget about the priming pump
I'm sorry chumps, but there is a difference between lapping over and actually doing a Smith grind.
4 boneless lamb chump (rump) chops, thawed if frozen (loin chumps can be used as an alternative)
Chumps of lamb come from the rear of the saddle and are usually sold as chops.
As for the fact that service is back, Matthews noted, `People who were once considered chumps are now considered heroes.
Underworld is populated by perverts, drug users, and chumps of every stripe, just as every great metropolis should be-except sometimes the comic's set in an enchanted forest or in hillbilly country.
BRITS are chumps when it comes to identifying some of the country's most famous landmarks, a survey revealed yesterday.
COACH Brian Ashton has been warned that Samoa are primed to go from chumps to champs tomorrow - and send England crashing.