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CHUMSComputerized Homes Underwriting Management System (Department of Housing & Urban Development automated lender engine)
CHUMSChildren United Morally and Spiritually
CHUMSChildren Hope for Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
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Quickly her triumphant eye discovered her chum under the wing of her faithful Jimmy.
And truly, her companion justified the encomiums of the faithful chum.
She had even grown used to noticing Anna joggle the reluctant Jimmy with her elbow as a signal for him to invite her chum to walk over his feet through a two-step.
His name's George Arthur," said the matron, walking up to him with Tom, who grasped his little delicate hand as the proper preliminary to making a chum of him, and felt as if he could have blown him away.
No; but he's my chum in Gray's old study, and it's near prayer- time, and I haven't had a look at it yet.
What a queer chum for Tom Brown," was the comment at the fire; and it must be confessed so thought Tom himself, as he lighted his candle, and surveyed the new green-baize curtains and the carpet and sofa with much satisfaction.
After this introductory preface, the three chums informed Mr.
Thus it happened to me; for had I boldly broke open his escritore, I had, perhaps, escaped even his suspicion; but as it was plain that the person who robbed him had possessed himself of his key, he had no doubt, when he first missed his money, but that his chum was certainly the thief.
In short, my chum had left Oxford, and whether from indolence, or from what other motive I am ignorant, had declined concerning himself any farther in the affair.
The old man was advertising for me then, and a chum I had with me had a no- tion of getting a couple quid out of him by writ- ing a lot of silly nonsense in a letter.
No money to get back; a hungry chum in London who would begin to think he had been given the go-by.
My chum sees the paper this morning, and says he to me: 'Go on, Harry: loving parent.