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CHUNNELChannel-Tunnel (tunnel in the channel between France and Great Britain)
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The company was also making traction engines for the high speed passenger Chunnel trains.
Bob Mendes, The Chunnel Syndrome (Pendulum, electronic publication).
For instance, though developers of the Chunnel studied such factors as the impacts of changes in rail and traffic patterns on the U.
We are happy to meet clients as they arrive at the airport, and vehicles may be taken to mainland Europe through the Chunnel.
Europe's Chunnel, for example, is a regular Tobacco Road, delivering more-affordable smokes (and alcohol) to Britain's absurdly overtaxed customers.
The Transit Collection features coloring options, from left to right, Freeway, Chunnel, Shuttle and Metro.
Bill Porter, a retired senior media and publishing executive, lives a few miles from the French side of the Chunnel.
Unisource clients include BancOne, the Federal Aviation Administration and EuroTunnel/Transmanche-Link, which runs the Chunnel that connects France and the United Kingdom.
According to an international panel of executives and editors in the construction, aggregates, and ready mixed concrete industries, the top 10 construction achievements of the 20th century (in no particular order) are the Aswan High Dam (Egypt); Chek Lap Kok Airport (Hong Kong); the Chunnel linking the United Kingdom and France; Dwight D.
The oft-heard refrain that filming in France is just too expensive -- and the presence of the language-friendly English studios just a Chunnel away -- was not a deterrent to these two productions for various reasons.
I added a one-day-hop on the Chunnel to Brussels, with a quick train ride to Ghent where van Eyck's masterpiece The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb is in the Cathedral of St.
The chunnel has been built from the periphery, time to dig the connecting passageways from the center.