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CHURLChildish and Uselessly Ranting Loser
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As part of a personal plea for civility, the author suggests substituting the underused word churl for the all too commonly heard term appearing in Sutton's title.
Schick, Sir John Thynne inserted a three-stanza poem by Richard Hattfeld on folio 32r, (47) and three stanzas of the last poem in the manuscript, Lydgate's Churl and Bird, were written by still another hand.
6 In old slang, to "put a churl on a gentleman" is to have which two drinks in quick succession?
Only a churl indeed would complain about the hardships of research within one of the most vital centers of Renaissance Italian culture, and which is still one of Italy's most striking cities.
Only a churl would demand Raymond Blanc quality food at such prices, and the food was never less than enjoyable.
There is covetousness, begotten of an old churl in a leather
Zhongguo Gongchandang de baiqu tongzhan gongzuo yu dier tiao zhanxian" [The united front activities of the CCP in the white areas and the second from], in Zhang Tienan, Song Churl, Zhu Jianhua, eds.
6) I was amazed how easily and competently married women, in particular, put on bindi (dot), sindoor (vermilion), sari and churl (bangles) and metamorphosed in minutes into the traditional bou (daughter-in law).
Not the why of your exile, Nor what happened latera Just a snippet of a legend Tells your wordless triumph Over that high and mighty churl, Tells how shuttered windows Served you as a shield, And a disciplined popular will: No mocking allowed
21, a manuscript copied by one of the associates of the Hammond scribe, and used by de Worde for an early edition of Lydgate's Churl and the Bird.
South Korea has named Jeon Yun Churl, who oversaw a crackdown on the nation's debt-saddled business groups during the Asian financial crisis, to replace Jin Nyum as finance minister.