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CHURLChildish and Uselessly Ranting Loser
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The beast-fable had something in it peculiarly suitable to Lydgate's kind of genius (as, indeed, to medieval genius generally), and this fact is in favour of his Aesop and of the two poems (among his best) which are called The Churl and the Bird and The Horse, the Sheep and the Goose.
As Emerson admits near the end of "The Poet," "I look in vain for the poet whom I describe" (CW 3, 21), though he ends the essay by furtively advising just such a poet: "Thou shalt not know any longer the times, customs, graces, politics, or opinions of men, but shalt take all from the muse." And a little further on: "thou must pass for a fool and a churl for a long season" (CW 3, 23, 24).
Winners in the Folk Music Category were World Vision Korea Children's Choir from Korea, conducted by Hee Churl Kim (first prize); Technological Institute of the Philippines Choral Society, conducted by Jose Emmanuel Aquino (second prize); and University of the Philippines Los Banos Choral Ensemble, conducted by Romel Lomarda (third prize).
PTG has been reported with various types of chronic illness such as cancer (Lelorain, Bonnaud-Antignac, & Florin, 2010; Zwahlen, Hagenbuch, Carley, Jenewein, & Buchi, 2010), spinal cord injury (Churl & Lee, 2008), HIV/AIDS (Milam, 2006), substance abuse (Stump & Smith, 2008), and myocardial infarction (Senol-Durak & Ayvasik, 2010).
(But God, who justly distributes reward according to merit, having regard to her noble birth, her innocence, and the load of suffering which the sin of another had laid upon her, ordered otherwise; and in His good providence, lest the young gentlewoman should be mated with a churl, permitted, we must believe, events to take the course they did.)
Prohaska's quirkv rake on Zerlinas fickleness dis-played confounding vocal prowess, while Kocan was no churl co be fooled with and his deep-toned bass give him the authority of a Commendatore.
(30.) See Lorenzen 1991: 76; the whole line is bakarl muragi kinha phuramaya, kisake kahe tuma churl caldya.
He is sought out by a wise wife who sees he will be king, and he is spurned by her spouse, a fool or churl named Fool, or Nabal, who shortly dies after refusing protection from the local racketeer.
"Nous ouvrimes done sa fosse, et nous recueillimes avec grand soin tous ses os, que nous mimes dans un petit cercueuil proprement couvert, et nous portames cette petit chasse au pied d'une Croix a l'oratoire qui est dedie au Calvaire, jugeant que cette illustre deffunte, qui avoit tant churl la Croix et qui en avoit souffert de si sensibles, seroit ravie de reposer aupres d'un morceau de la vraye Croix."
The Taiwanese nonlife market witnessed a 4% decline in 2008, and Churl Yu Chan, president and CEO of Shinkong Insurance Co.