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In his new book, "Chusa Kim Jeong-hui: The Mountains Are High, The Seas Are Deep," art historian Yoo Hong-joon says calligraphy was just one of the skills with which Kim was gifted.
If Jesus was married, it wasn't to Mary of Magdala because then she would have been known as "Mary the wife of Jesus." Literary and social conventions dictated that if women were mentioned in ancient texts (a very rare occurrence), they were nearly always named by their relationship to the patriarchal household: for example, "Joanna the wife of Herod's steward Chusa" (Luke 8:1-3).
Three short reconnaissance adits, Socavones Cola (or Chusa), Ojeda, and San Miguel, were driven from the creek to the west of the mine in an attempt to cut the vein at lower levels.
With: Ingrid Rubio, Alberto San Juan, Emilio Gutierrez Caba, Manuel Manquina, Chusa Barbero, Agata Lys, Javivi.
(2) Any spectator looking for such an encouraging message will focus on Elena, the naive college student, and Alberto, the policeman, who are getting married and apparently settling down to a life of middle-class respectability at a safe distance from Chusa and Jaimito.
Likewise, he said that rates of fruits per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple Kala Kulo Rs 145/125, Apple Ambri Rs 88/60, Apple White Rs 95/70, Apple China Rs 205/175, Apple Newziland Rs 260/225, Banana Pak Rs 135/100, Banana Ind Rs 170/140, Pear China Rs 165, Melon Rs 32/22, White Melon Rs 26/16, Watermelon Rs 21/14, Sherbuza Rs 35, Apricot Swat Rs 100/80, Peach Rs 120/90, Garma Rs 62/40, Mango Sundari Rs 138/120, Mango Maldeh Rs 65/48, Mango Almas Rs 60/40, Mango Langra Rs 65/48, Mango Chusa Rs 115/90, Mango Dosari Rs 78/55, Mango Ratool Rs 138/120, Mango Desi Rs 50/45 and Apricot Kabli Rs 145/125.
and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple Kala Kulo Rs 150/135, Apple Ambri Rs 92/65, Apple White Rs 100/75, Apple China Rs 205/178, Apple NewZealand Rs 268/242, Banana Pak Rs 145/110, Banana Ind Rs 175/150, Pear China Rs 165, Melon Rs 34/25, White Melon Rs 28/20, Watermelon Rs 23/17, Sherbuza Rs 38, Apricot Rs 103/82, Peach Rs 135/100, Garma Rs 68/48, Mango Sundari Rs 127/110, Mango Maldeh Rs 65/48, Mango Almas Rs 62/42, Mango Langra Rs 68/58, Mango Chusa Rs 120/100, Mango Dosari Rs 78/55, Mango Ratool Rs 145/130, Mango Desi Rs 60/45 and Apricot Kabli Rs 165/145.
Frente a la utopia de Jaimito y Chusa, en Bajarse al moro parecen triunfar las propuestas contrautopicas de dona Antonia, traducidas en el traslado a un piso del extrarradio madrileno.
With: Emma Suarez, Eloy Azorin, Roberto Hoyas Chusa Barbero, Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Inaki Font, Monica Cano, Beatriz Bergamin, Ana Malaver, Luis Tosar.