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Previous designs securely welded the wear liner to the inside of the chute, with only the skirt seal located on the outside.
She only survived when the emergency chute opened just enough to slow down her descent but she suffered multiple injuries.
The chute requires normal rinsing after each load; form oil application two to five times per day; and, power washing after the last delivery of the day.
Assured Environments recommends trash chute cleaning before and after the holidays to eliminate the presence of bacteria, odors and potentially dangerous substances and pests.
Des vents violents ont balaye la capitale ces dernieres 24 heures causant des chutes d'arbres dans plusieurs quartiers.
The QASO cleared the area immediately forward of the aircraft but didn't use the established checklist to visually inspect the feed chute, feeder, and gun for any remaining rounds.
Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel, the chute is durable and easy to clean with a soft, damp towel.
Peter Kilsby, assistant divisional officer, said the chute sometimes gets blocked and fires can break out after people unwittingly throw the remains of ashtrays down it.
Tinted the same watery green as those in the chute, the mirrors extended from eye level to the base of the skylight's frame, so that visitors standing in this improbable patio appeared bodiless, their heads floating in endless self-replication through an optical abyss.
Accordingly each chute is fitted with a friction brake which is raised a few centimetres above the chute floor.
A FACTORY worker who fell down a scrap chute and ended up on a conveyor belt last night was rescued before he ended up in a compressor.
As the piston struck the chute, the chute vibrated and the scrap metal slid to a conveyor and was taken away.