CHVAContemporary Historical Vehicle Association (est. 1966)
CHVACentre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Atlantia (French: Atlantia Veterinary Hospital Center; Nantes, France)
CHVACroatian Heraldic and Vexillologic Association
CHVAChromosomal Virulence A (gene)
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cases where the CHVA revealed insufficient adaptation to future sea
law supporting CHVA prior to planning permit approval).
did not require a CHVA was one in which the proposal did not present any
membres differencies par le chva (absent dans un membre) : ex.
membres differencies par le chva + consonne flottante : ex.
Notons cependant que l'opposition m/f est definie dans le Petit Traite de versification francaise de Romains et Chenneviere (1925) sur des bases nettement differentes, seules les rimes Noyau + Coda + Chva etant classees comme feminines (ex.