CHVICanadian HIV Vaccine Initiative
CHVICenter for Health Value Innovation (St. Louis, MO)
CHVICovenant Heart and Vascular Institute (Lubbock, TX)
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Many of the interviewees called on the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to continue to fund HIV vaccines R&D, both within Canada and through contributions to global initiatives such as the CHVI.
under the CHVI (10)), some interviewees noted a preference for freedom to pursue creative and innovative ideas through investigator-initiated research grants, enabling riskier research that "does not fit the mould.
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A non-profit chartered as an educational 501c3, CHVI is dedicated to sharing the evidence of improved health, quality and economic outcomes through value-based designs for sustainable health and financial improvement.
Bruce Sherman, MD - Consultant Medical Director, Whirlpool and Medical Consultant, CHVI
This newly released authoritative report follows the recent unveiling of the CHVI ground-breaking contracting mechanism, Outcomes-Based Contracting[TM], an approach that transforms health benefit design.
About the CHVI The Center for Health Value Innovation (CHVI; 501C3) is a membership organization of expert employers, plan sponsors and innovators that shares actionable health data, strategies and tools for better business performance.
Because CHVI is fortunate to have the leaders of best practices and value-based thinking on its Board, we believe we can accelerate the efforts of these communities," says Cyndy Nayer, CEO of CHVI and the voice of value-based benefit design.
Award recipients will receive a variety of services from CHVI, including:
We appreciate the time devoted by CHVI members to bring this work to life, and anticipate that this work will accelerate value-based designs, as organizations across the country rapidly promote health and wellness in the revitalization of community business.
Nayer and her CHVI colleagues have been tracking this movement into what is now regarded as the Health Value Continuum[TM], with CHVI building communities of health value.
Our initial implementation of iRISupply within the cardiac catheterization laboratory allowed us to evaluate the unique capabilities of deploying an RFID-enabled technology that will improve medical device and supply utilization," shared Dennis Chadwick, Technical Supervisor for CHVI.