CHWCCertified Health & Wellness Coach (various organizations)
CHWCCatholic Heart Work Camp (Goldenrod, FL)
CHWCCommunity Housing of Wyandotte County (Kansas City, KS)
CHWCCheyenne Health and Wellness Center (Wyoming)
CHWCCommunity Hospitals of Williams County (Ohio)
CHWCCatholic Housing of Wyandotte County (Kansas City, KS)
CHWCCenter for Human World Culture
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CHWC is better known in the urban core of Kansas City, Kansas for rehabbing blighted homes, as well as building new homes where most private developers will not build.
CHWC partnered with the Kansas City, Kansas school district to present after school fine arts classes to youth from Central Middle School and nearby Whittier Elementary.
"The purpose of the grant was to enhance public safety," said Michael Avery, executive director of CHWC. "We learned that gang recruitment around Central Middle School is high.
CHWC partnered with the district's In the Zone program.
CHWC hopes they will have enough money to fund a program through the spring semester.