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There were 111 mailed surveys answered, and of these, 29 exporters (26%) reported that they had received requests for CHWP and 4 companies did not export.
We export about 40 percent of our production." Another exporter, who does not receive CHWP requests, says, "Our customers have no interest in certified products.
An exporter who does sell some CHWP says, "Currently certified wood products are a non-issue.
Data are available for 30 of the 33 exporters concerning the markets requesting CHWP (Fig.
The bottom line in the success of certification systems is the consumers' willingness to pay a premium to receive CHWP. Twenty of the 33 exporters stated that their customers will only pay less than 1 percent.
The present study was undertaken to find out who outside the United States is asking for CHWP in an actual purchase situation and not a hypothetical survey setting.
The large companies having their own tracts of forest land see the market for CHWP as an opportunity to further develop the niche markets that already exist, such as in the United Kingdom and Europe.
The surveyed exporters have indicated that Europe, especially the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands remain the principal end consumers of CHWP outside the United States.
Therefore, they are requesting CHWP when their end customer specifies certified products.