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CHXChicago Stock Exchange
CHXCondensing Heat Exchanger
CHXCabin Heat Exchanger (NASA)
CHXCalifornia-Hawaii Express (shipping; Horizon Lines)
CHXCoherent Hard X-Ray Beamline
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The nearest and most common option to CHX has been use of swabs or cotton wool dipped in surgical spirit to clean and sterilise the umbilical cord after birth.
Another proposed intracanal medicament for the treatment of external inflammatory resorptions is the combination of 2% CHX gel, zinc oxide, and CH.
The null hypotheses tested were the following: There are no differences in the cleaning ability when using 2% CHX gel or 5% NaOCl during endodontic retreatment, and there are no differences in the cleaning ability when using or not using a solvent during endodontic retreatment.
It found no statistically significant difference (p=0.006).1 The previous studies conducted on the comparison of NaOCl and CHX included teeth with irreversible pulpitis and necrotic teeth.
Subject to Securities and Exchange Commission approval, CHX will continue to operate as a registered national securities exchange and will benefit from the planned deployment of the NYSE Pillar trading technology in ICE's Chicago data centre.
Moreover, the presence of CHX adds substantivity to the formulations due to its absorption capacity and slow liberation of active molecules by dental tissues.
The Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) has announced a definitive agreement for Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.
KARACHI -- The outcome of the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Programme (MCHIP) run jointly by the Sindh health ministry, USAID and Jhpiego Pakistan has impacted positively on the pregnancy-related deaths in Sindh warranting a consistent effort by the health authorities to make interventions through Chlorhexidine (CHX) to prevent umbilical cord infections, officials in the health ministry said on Wednesday.
Chlorhexidine (CHX) was purchased from Santa Cruz (Dallas, USA) and aliquoted in DMSO used in a final concentration of 20 [micro]g/ml (0.002%).
One of these, the National Strategy to Scale Up Chlorhexidine (CHX), seeks to increase use of the low-cost antiseptic gel that, when applied to the umbilical cord, can significantly reduce newborn deaths by taking care of the formation of sepsis or any other infection that arises from the cord.
Eos Venture Partners, an insurance-focused investor, recently partnered with CHX to "create more effective teams and provide individuals with a sense of empowerment and control, especially in key moments of (InsurTech startup) growth, stress and transformation."