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CHX10CEH10 Homeodomain-Containing Homolog
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The neural retinal epithelium was positive for retinal progenitor marker CHX10, also called VSX2, which coexpressed with proliferative marker MCM2 (Figure 3(b)).
(b) Neural retina comprised mostly retinal progenitor cells expressing CHX10 and cell proliferative marker MCM2 on W6 after differentiation.
Name Structure Host Product number Dilution labeled or and source targeted BrdU S-phase marker Rat Ab6326; Abeam 1:40 Inc., Cambridge, MA ChAT Amacrine cells Rabbit Ab143; Chemicon, 1:100 Temecula, CA Chx10 BCs Sheep x1180P; Exalpha 1:50 Biologicals Inc., Shirley, MA Cyclin D3 MGC nucleus Mouse MCA1866; 1:40 Serotec, Raleigh, NC DAPI Nucleus H-1200; Vector 1.5 Laboratories, [mu]g/mL Burlingame, CA DRAQ5 Nucleus BOS-889-001; 20 [micro]M Alexis Biochemicals; Enzo Life Sciences International Inc., Plymouth Meeting, PA Glutamine MGCs Rabbit G2781; Sigma 1:5,000 synthetase Aldrich, St.