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CHaDChildren's Hospital at Dartmouth (Lebanon, NH)
CHaDConflict and Humanitarian Affairs Department (UK Department for International Development)
CHaDCome Have a Drink (business networking event; Minnesota)
CHaDCard Hole Aggregate Debris (doubtful definition, this is probably urban legend; origin was likely related to the inventor's name, Chadless, of an early keypunch machine)
CHaDCharter High School of Architecture and Design (Philadelphia, PA)
CHaDCharming Hero Avoids Destruction (Kids Next Door show)
CHaDCommunity Health Access Department
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He said: 'We must treat the issues of the Lake Chad with the urgency they deserve and show the needed political commitment towards reviving the Lake.
Juma Mohammed Al Kait, the Ministry of Economy's Assistant Undersecretary for Foreign Trade Affairs; and Amer Al-Menhali, Charge d'Affaires of the UAE Embassy in Chad.
The Sudanese refugees, "mainly women and children are from the Massalit ethnic group, told the UN aid workers they fled their village, Terbebe or Terbiba near the border with Chad, following a surge of violence after a clash between a Massalit farmer and a cattle herder.
com/days-our-lives-spoilers-chad-abigail-dario-face-2571339) Chad, Abigail And Dario Face Off On "Days Of Our Lives"
Let's try our luck,' Chad said, mindful that not everyone could just enter After Dark, especially if there was a private party.
Chad and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization.
Chad has especially dedicated himself to deer hunting, and he's consistently hunted the public ground on which he killed the Mountain Monarch, despite the fact that the hunt required a grueling two-hour drive each way.
Chad personal accident and health insurance industry overview and market size
The official, who took part in Tunis in a Tunisian-Chad partnership day organized by the UTICA, in anticipation of a prospecting mission of the Tunisian market, added that his country's operators also want to see representations of Tunisian companies set up in Chad and develop the mission of the Tunisian-Chadian business council (created in September 2014) so that it would become "a real tool for promoting trade and partnership.
The article concludes by examining the implications of these concerns through some possible scenarios for instability in Chad, with serious consequences if Western partners were to rely too heavily on Chad's help in regional counterterrorism ventures.
Embassy in Chad reviews all proposed travel by official U.
Factors responsible for the drying up of the Lake Chad