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Ever since, Chessie breeders have strived for that trait as well, with at least modest success.
It was the third Chessie he had gotten from' the kennel.
White kept the pooch, named him "Dumpy," and soon found his little stray could retrieve waterfowl as well as his Chessies.
Chessie Guy and Jasmine Laz, both 10, said: "We love the pond because you can just look at it for ages.
He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chessie System Historical Society, CSXT historical Society, International Nava; Research Organization, Frankfort Civil war Round Table, and Coast Defense Study Group.
The Chessie has a double coat that's dense and wooly underneath, and wavy and oily on top, to protect it from the harsh winter conditions of the Chesapeake Bay region where it originated.
The breeder is a very well known Chessie breeder, and Jane was almost 10 weeks old when we went to pick her up.
Beloved husband of Lyn, devoted dad of Louise and Tim and fatherinlaw of Darren and Olivia, much loved grandpa of Matt, Ben, Chessie, Erin and Callum.
Connie Krarup, from Rugby, Jess Breese, from Tywyn, Wales, and Chessie Ruffell, from Norfolk; have plotted a route which will pass through all of their home towns as they raise funds in aid of the Merlin charity.
At the Senate legislative hearings, Chessie McIntosh, a member of the Creek Nation, a lawyer, and a delegate at the earlier constitutional convention for the unsuccessfully proposed state of Sequoyah, expressed the importance of the moment:
Bridesmaids were Alexa Shea Oliver, Ashley Suzette Hilton, Chessie Luv Tollison, Danielle Lynn Powell, Kelli Diane Reiff, Lauren Christopher Davidson, and Meghan Danielle Black, all close friends of the bride.
Meanwhile, in the eastern United States, CSX emerged from the merging of a number of major rail carriers, including the Chessie System, Seaboard Coast Line, Louisville & Nashville, Western Maryland, Chesapeake & Ohio, and the Baltimore & Ohio lines.