CI5Criminal Intelligence 5 (UK TV)
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Se han hallado los valores de los indices CI1, CI5, CI10, IG1, IG5 e IG10 de los 32 observatorios para el periodo 1951-2010 (cuadro 2) y los subperiodos 1951-1980 y 1981-2010.
Los dos registros que ya habian publicado sus datos en CI5 alcanzaron puntuaciones altas en la mayoria de los dominios, con mas oportunidades de mejorar en Difusion de resultados.
Law's a common theme in Martin Shaw's career, CI5 agent Doyle, chief Cade and Judge John Deed among his roles.
Led by the formidable George Cowley (Jackson), CI5 was one of those 'outside-the-law' agencies much loved by TV drama makers.
Martin is now more recognised as Judge John Deed, from the top BBC legal drama, than he is for portraying CI5 agent Doyle opposite Lewis Collins as Bodie in 70s action series The Professionals.
Table 2 VIGOR-Summary of Patients with Gastrointestinal Safety Events1 COMPARISON TO NAPROXEN VIOXX 50 mg Naproxen Relative GI Safety Endpoints daily 1000 mg Risk of (N=4047)2 daily VIOXX n3 (N=4029)2 compared (Cumulative n3 to Rate4) (Cumulative naproxen5 95% CI5 Rate4) PUBs 56 (1.
If the producers pulled off a real coup when casting Gordon Jackson's legendary CI5 boss George Cowley.
The film will see the return of British Army-trained mercenary Bodie and ex-cop Doyle, who work for top security unit CI5.
He would stand for no nonsense after his experiences in CI5 with Bodie.
ACTOR Martin Shaw first shot to fame fighting crime as CI5 special agent Doyle in The Professionals.
A new pounds 10million series recreating of the famous CI5 crime fighters will hit our TV screens in the autumn.