CIAAPCabayugan Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture Project (Palawan, Philippines)
CIAAPCongrès International d'Anthropologie et d'Archéologie Préhistoriques
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At the 1867 CIAAP meeting, as we recall, Reboux had added the ("simply") 'flaked' stones to the already well established categories of 'knapped' and 'polished' stones.
When the CIAAP delegates visited together the Saint-Germain museum of which Mortillet was the curator, for example, they could see that "so far as the simply flaked stone is concerned, the various display cases are dated paleontologically.
in 1869]" (Mortillet 1871:171 emphasis added), or again, in its most elaborate and influential early formulation, at the 1872 CIAAP in Brussels: