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The Graham Holland-trained son of Tucks Mein is now the holder of both the 525 and 550 records at the track after his big run in the second round on Saturday and he faces another battle against Cian Abbey in the first qualifier where Rafas Wee Pet is another serious contender.
Heat 3: 1 Little Cash 2 White Coat 3 Leeview Jet 4 Quick Lee 5 Cians Fantasy (m) 6 Cian Abbey (w).
SHOWJUMPER Cian O'Connor could still represent Ireland at the next Olympics despite being stripped of his gold medal.
Francie Murray's Cians Fantasy left the traps like a scalded cat in the last of the heats to lead up from Quick Lee and Razldazl Lord.
Sadly Cian lost his brave battle in April aged just 19 months, after months of treatment at the RVI in Newcastle.
Cian, who was born without fullyformed fingers on his right hand, travelled to London in May to shoot the trailer.
Unlike most children, brave Cian is spending the festive break at Cardiff's University of Wales hospital as he battles against the cancerous spinal and brain tumours he was diagnosed with earlier this month.
Holly, 21, said young women still throw themselves at 25-year-old Cian even though they know he is taken.
After six weeks and 29 doses, Cian has completed that part of his treatment and now the youngster, who also underwent an operation to remove a tumour, is due to start his chemotherapy on Monday.
Cian is in constant pain and has undergone surgery to remove most of a tumour that was only found to be growing on his spine after he went to the doctor complaining of stomach pains barely a month ago.
Cian's dad Richard said: "Most of the VIP visits to the ward over Christmas were pre-planned and were aware of who would be arriving at any given point, but Gareth turning up on Christmas Eve was a total shock.
"Cian had mentioned to me that he wanted to do a remix for us, so I called him when the time was right, and gave him carte blanche to do what he liked with the track," says Keys' frontman Matthew Evans.