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CIARCustomer Is Always Right (slogan)
CIARCanadian Institute for Advanced Research
CIARCenter for Indoor Air Research
CIARCooper Institute for Aerobics Research (Dallas, Texas)
CIARCornell International Affairs Review (Ithaca, NY)
CIARClear/Current Instruction Address Register
CIARCast Iron Applications Router (Cast Iron Inc)
CIARChange Implementation/Assessment Record
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These artists received the most attention from CIAR.
Alpuy benefited from the exposure he was given at CIAR at a solo exhibition of sculptures and reliefs in 1972.
In this era of escalating mutual distrust, CIAR mounted a multi-faceted cultural and public affairs program aimed at several audiences: businessmen, public officials, academics, but also the general public.
CIAR organised its activities through four departments: Public Affairs, Literature, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.
CIAR also piloted a small educational program for New York public schools.
Roger Jenkins, an analytical chemist at ORNL, submitted the ORNL proposal requested by CIAR for the project on 16 February 1993 (Broin 1997, 14531-14532; Jenkins and Guerin 1993), and the CIAR board of directors approved $1.
The study funded by CIAR involved recruiting 100 nonsmoking subjects in each of 12 cities distributed geographically across the United States (Ogden 1995).
Jenkins reported these problems to CIAR because "one of the most important objectives of this study is the relationship between time-averaged ETS exposure and salivary cotinine levels for individuals who live and work around smokers, compared with those who live in [sic] work in truly non-smoking environments, any loss of Cell 1 (SH/SW) participant data is significant" (Jenkins 1993).
The CIAR board of directors approved an additional $440,000 to expand the study to 16 cities to obtain the additional data Jenkins had suggested (Heck 1994), but with the direction that a technical meeting be held between the CIAR board members and ORNL (Eisenberg 1994) "to finalize the experimental protocols to bring the ETS Exposure Study" to conclusion.