CIAVCoalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
CIAVCentro de Instruccion Audio-Visual (Guatemala)
CIAVChicken Infectious Anemia Virus
CIAVComisión Internacional de Apoyo y Verificación (Spanish: International Support and Verification Mission; Central America)
CIAVCoalition Interoperability Assurance and Validation (working group; various nations)
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In 2007, a dialogue between Clichy-based designer Frangois Azambourg and the French glass research center CIAV, or Centre International dArt Verrier, in Meisenthal, France, produced an extraordinary objet d'art: the Douglas vase.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Douglas vase, Azambourg and the artisanal glassblowers of CIAV created new shapes and scales for the Douglas series, launching them at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris before bringing them to WantedDesign Brooklyn.
CIAV is a member of the genus Gyrovirus belonging to the family Circoviridae [3].
CIAV isolates show extremely limited genetic variability worldwide [21].
CIAV monitored security and social conditions for the Contras, but its partisan support for the Contras limited its effectiveness.
The CIAV mission officially ended in 1997, but the OAS has continued to develop peace-building initiatives in Nicaragua, including a broad program funded by the Swedish government designed to protect human rights, strengthen the justice system, decentralize government, and give citizens a greater say in decision-making.
The Cardiff International Academy of Voice (CIAV), which is run by Cardiff University, opened in January, giving individual voice coaching to talented singers from around the world under the directorship of Welsh tenor Dennis O'Neill.
Secretariat LA495 was derived from the cross designated Coker X495: Coker 84-15*2/4/`Blizzard'/3/Coker 79-21//`Coker 234'/ CIav 9139.
This pattern suggests that Secretariat LA495 may have derived its stem rust resistance from Omega (CIav 9139; personal communication, Kurt Leonard, USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory).
The parentage of Gem is MO0768/6/`Holden'/Irr.4/`Garland'/2/6[chi] amphiploid/2* CIav 6936/3/Garland/5/`Froker'/7/`Ogle'.