CIBACentral Indiana Bicycling Association (Indianapolis, IN)
CIBACanadian Intercollegiate Baseball Association
CIBAChemical Industry in Basle
CIBACayman Islands Bankers Association
CIBACounty Indoor Bowling Association (UK)
CIBACalifornian Indian Basketweavers Association
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Hans-Juergen Seeger, currently managing director of BASF Services Europe GmbH, has been appointed CFO of Ciba, taking over from Niklaus Meier, who had been the ad interim CFO, since the former Chief Financial Officer, Juerg Fedier left the company at the end of 2008.
Ciba, the ultimate parent company of the Ciba (formerly Ciba Specialty Chemicals) Group, is a specialty chemicals company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.
Ciba is a recognized leader in providing technical service and support for the entire range of home and personal care products.
CIBA Vision is delighted to partner with OT in providing high quality continuing education to help practitioners stay at the forefront.
According to BT the agreement will provide improved management of costs for existing infrastructure and a suite of networked IT services for Ciba, enabling it to support its business operations around the world.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals provides innovative effects and solutions for the nonwovens industry.
The technology, Ciba explains, allows the manufacture of improved or new plastic materials, useful in, for example, packaging and automotive applications.
A few years ago, a collaborative effort by CIBA Vision, Novartis in Switzerland, and the Cooperative Research Centre for Eye Research and Technology in Australia developed a new polymer called lotrafilcon A.
In rejecting Bausch & Lomb's request, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has reaffirmed the validity of our patents surrounding breakthrough discoveries for our new extended wear lens materials and our first commercial product, Focus NIGHT&DAY embodying these inventions," said Glen Bradley, CIBA Vision's chief executive officer.
At a number of its locations, Ciba invited members of the community such as key emergency responders and local officials.
At least 20 million people who buy disposable contact lenses will be eligible for a $35 rebate under a nationwide settlement announced Monday between CIBA Vision Corp.
A financial incentive package put together by the State and local governments was a significant factor in keeping Ciba in Westchester.