CIBICContinuous Improvement by Improving Continuously (F. Allen Davis book)
CIBICClinician Interview Based Impression of Change
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During the placebo washout phase, ADAS-cog scores and CIBIC Plus ratings declined to levels similar to those reported in patients in the placebo group, indicating that the beneficial effects of donepezil depend on chronic administration.
But in the overall population and in the group that included everyone except the APOE e4 homozygous carriers, CIBIC scores were significantly better for those on donepezil than for those taking placebo.
While Phenserine-treated patients performed better in the ADAS-cog and CIBIC assessments, the study's primary endpoints at almost all time points, the outcome was potentially confounded by a better than expected ADAS-cog response in the placebo-treated patients.
We are delighted to sign this letter of intent for a joint venture with MOFTEC and CIBIC.
Xie Shusheng, chairman of the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, said: "It is a pleasure for CIBIC to be working with Hill and Knowlton.