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CIBINCanadian Integrated Ballistic Identification Network
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Para construir el atico se habian unido dos pisos colindantes, el de Cibin y el habitado durante un tiempo por monsenor Bruno Bertagna, fallecido a finales de 2013.
Whenever the Pope left the Vatican on his travels, so did Cibin.
After Agca's attack on John Paul II in St Peter's Square, which left him fighting for his life, Cibin offered his resignation once the Pope had regained consciousness.
This time Cibin managed to prevent the Pope from suffering serious injury while the nearby Archbishop Marcinkus wrestled the perpetrator, Juan Maria Fernandez y Krohn, to the ground.
Camillo Cibin, papal bodyguard Born, June 3, 1926; died,October 25, 2009
Dad of three Camillo Cibin, 83, was personal bodyguard to five popes.
As Agca struggled to escape a nun leaped on the gunman and Cibin knocked him unconscious before handing him over to armed Italian police.
When the critically wounded John Paul II regained consciousness, Cibin offered his resignation on the spot but was refused.
Cibin deflected the blade while 6ft 7in tall Archbishop Marcinkus leapt on the would-be assassin.
It was this incident which earned Cibin the nickname of the "The Pope's Guardian Angel" for saving the Pontiff's life not once but twice.
Known for his impenetrable reserve, Cibin was said to be so discreet he would not even reply if asked the time.