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You know, master, that the secret of keeping well, according to Hippocrates; id est: cibi, potus, somni, venus, omnia moderata sint ."
Analogamente, l'espressione la sazieta dei cibi impiegata dal traduttore e parafrasata con un concretissimo: i.
In the planctus we also see concrete signs (aurum; splendidae mensae et cibis ...: auro ed argento ...
The CIBIS III trial compared bisoprolol first and enalapril first regimens.
Cibis Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, performs the surgery at St.
Brenner & his wife, Ilah Cibis, of Jamaica Plain; Adam Feinzig & his wife, Kristi, of Wellesley; and Cara Cohen & her husband, Brian, of Sudbury.
Quite opportunely, an ancient hymn of the Lenten liturgy exhorts: "Utamur ergo parcius, / verbis cibis et potibus, / somno, iocis et arctius / perstemus in custodia" (Let us use sparingly words, food and drink, sleep and amusements.
Heart rate and cardiac rhythm relationships with bisoprolol benefit in chronic heart failure in CIBIS II Trial.