CICAFChina International Cartoon and Animation Festival
CICAFCompagnie Industrielle des Combustibles Atomiques Frittes, France
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Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) in Hangzhou, Jin Delong, an official at the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), said the value of China's animation industry hit an estimated 60 billion yuan ($9.5 billion) in 2011, up nearly 28% from the previous year; the country exported some 200,000 minutes of animation.
Consequently, government reporting envisions a multidimensional accountability report comprised of a financial report, other information about a government's financial condition, supplementary financial performance information and non-financial information (CICAf) (8).
(8.) Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Public Sector Accounting Handbook (CICAf), Section PSI000A0, Financial Statements Concepts