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CICCCustom Integrated Circuits Conference
CICCChina International Capital Corp.
CICCCenter for the Improvement of Child Caring (Studio City, CA)
CICCCook Islands Christian Church
CICCCoalition for International Criminal Court
CICCCollaborative Integrated Communications for Construction
CICCCargo Integration Control Center (NASA)
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CICC is projecting to utilize almost half of the proceeds from the IPO to formulate equity sales and trading, fixed income, currencies and commodities businesses.
our prospect on the cooperation with CICC and our partnered securities firms and expanding the number of partnered securities firms;
CICC expect 3Q14 revenue to grow 245% YoY / 23% QoQ to Rmb338mn, and non-GAAP NI to grow 213% YoY / 24% QoQ to Rmb78mn.
The launch of the global fund of hedge funds demonstrates the strategic decision of China International Capital Corporation, the parent of CICC Investment Management, to expand its investment management business globally.
Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari, on behalf of KASB (Khaldim Ali Shah Bukhari), signed the pact in presence of their partner Soulong Douji, from CICC by Lin Shourang, while heads of various wings were also present.
The CICC is a global coalition of local NGOs and international nongovernmental organizations (ING0s) formed in 1995 to advocate for the establishment of a permanent International Criminal Court (ICC).
The CICC Chairman appreciated Prime Minister Gilani's vision for the future of the two countries' economies.
According to sources familiar with the deal, CICC will pay rents around $100 per square foot for the expansion, significantly more than the roughly $70 per square foot rate that the corporation arranged to pay for its original floor when it took that space roughly a year ago.
Al-Bashir is widely considered a fugitive from justice, especially in Africa," Oby Nwankwo from the Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre, a CICC member, said in a statement issued late on Tuesday in New York and The Hague.
The bank paid just $37 million for its piece of CICC when the Chinese bank was founded 13 years ago.
Zhu, 52, with a doctorate degree in atmospheric physics from Wisconsin University, joined CICC in 1998 and ascended to the post of chief executive officer in 2004.
Although it is early in the development, there is a great opportunity to use these platforms for education, research and even disease surveillance," said Dante Morra, Medical Director of the CICC.