CICDContinuous Intergration, Continuous Delivery (various companies)
CICDCenter to Improve Care of the Dying
CICDCenter for International Career Development
CICDConfiguration Item Configuration Document
CICDCollegium Internationale Chirurgiae Digestivae (Latin: International Society for Digestive Surgery)
CICDCentre for International Cooperation and Development (also seen as CICOPS; Italy)
CICDColeman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
CICDChannel Islands Council of Divers
CICDContractor Interface Control Document
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CICD, which affects more than 200,000 patients each year, is characterised by general cognitive and memory problems that can last for years.
Dr Stephen Tait, of the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, Institute of Cancer Sciences, said: "Our research found that triggering Caspase-Independent Cell Death (CICD), but not apoptosis, often led to complete tumour regression.
"Especially under conditions of partial therapeutic response, as our experiments mimic, our data suggests that triggering tumour-specific CICD, rather than apoptosis, may be a more effective way to treat cancer."
Unlike apoptosis, which is a silent form of cell death, when cancer cells die through CICD, they alert the immune system through the release of inflammatory proteins.
4 Guidance to change, The values of the organization lay the innovation and foundation for developing a culture continuous focused on change, innovation and development (CICD) continuous improvement that is reflected in the way staff organize and engage to generate new ideas to respond to the challenges they face.
On the other hand, pronounced increase in cell number and extensive CICD and Langerhans cells was observed in the severe symptom group patients, compared with those in the mild symptom group patients [Figure 3]a, [Figure 3]b, [Figure 3]c, [Figure 3]d.
In addition to the MG, Spearman correlation analysis also showed that OSDI and SEEQ were positively correlated with CICD and Langerhans cells [ P < 0.05, [Table 2] and that the increase of CICD and Langerhans cells was concomitant, suggesting that with deterioration of the dry eye symptoms, both palpebral conjunctival inflammatory cell and Langerhans cell numbers increased accordingly.
Jiang made the remark when meeting a delegation of the Council of Industrial and Commercial Development, ROC (CICD), in Beijing.
In an echo to Jiang's remark, Redbaby, a major online shopping website in China, signed a letter of intent with CICD for the purchase of Taiwan-made 3C (consumer electronics, computer, and communications) products, sundries, processed agricultural products, and foodstuff, worth some 4 billion yuan (around NT$20 billion).
Gorazd Bohte is a Research Fellow at the Centre for International Co-operation and Development (CICD), Ljubljana, Slovenia.