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CICERCircolo Italiano Culturale e Ricreativo (Italian: Italian Cultural and Recreational Club; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
CICERCenter for International Climate and Environmental Research (Oslo, Norway)
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Preliminary investigations of QTL associated with seedlings resistance to Ascochyta blight from Cicer echinospermum, a wild relative of chick pea.
judaicum to the present known distribution of other annual Cicer species (Berger et al.
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Cicer, ACI (Italian Cultural Association in Dubai) and Italian Business Councils in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah are bringing them together," said the ambassador.
Subplot pasture treatments consisted of established monoculture 'Alta' tall rescue (MONO), and tall rescue in a mixture with each of 'Alfagraze' or 'Wilson' alfalfa sown in separate plots (ALF/TF), 'Norcen' birdsfoot trefoil (BFT/TF), 'Monarch' cicer milkvetch (CM/TF), and 'NF90' kura clover (KC/TF).
Chick pea seed treatment process (A) showing the seed treatment process of Fig1b: Uprooted cicer aritenum plants Cicer aritenum seeds and their growth in crystal sand (B) Uprooted cicer aritenum plants and (C) Dried Cicer aritenum plants
Estimates of variability and correlations for quantitative traits in Cicer arietinum L.