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In both types of associations, the bacteria and nematodes can be cultivated independently or together, and molecular genetic techniques are available for the bacteria and, in some cases, for the nematodes (Ciche and Sternberg, 2007; Goodrich-Blair, 2007; Clarke, 2008).
"Animal guts are similar to ours, in that they are both teeming with microbes," said Ciche, who worked with researchers from Harvard Medical School.
"It's like fleas teaming up with the plague," Ciche said.
Therefore, intensity 6-7 in EMS scale, but 7 in MSK scale, was assessed at Skrzypne, and similarly at Ciche. Evaluated intensities in both scales for localities where the earthquake was felt with I [greater than or equal to] 6, are given in Table 1.
The two men were abseiling off Sron na Ciche when one slipped and plunged past his pal to his death.
Mr Darker's climbing companion had to watch in horror as his friend began to abseil off Sron na Ciche on Skye, only to plunge past him to his doom.