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CICICochlear Implant Club International
CICICreative Inner City Initiative (est. 2002; South Africa)
CICICorea Image Communication Institute (est. 2003)
CICICenter for Intelligent Chemical Instrumentation (Ohio University; Athens, OH)
CICICatholic Information Center on Internet, Inc. (Rockford, IL)
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Percentages of change for CICI member facilities from 1987 to 1992 were as follows:
The CICI Utility, developed by DTCC in conjunction with SWIFT, is part of a larger global effort to solve a long-standing problem: how to standardize the identification of legal entities that engage in financial transactions, and make entity reference data readily accessible.
Positive rating actions are unlikely in the near future for CSIC, CICI and CID.
In July 2012, the CFTC designated the DTCC/SWIFT solution as an interim CICI utility that would be able to issue identifiers to firms involved in OTC derivatives trading, and would ultimately comply with the global framework for a system being designed under the auspices of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the G20.
The CICI is designed to be an identifier for all legal entities dealing in OTC derivatives falling under CFTC jurisdiction until an international program for a Legal Entity Identifier is launched, which is expected by March 2013.
ENR's CICI survey found confidence gains in 13 of the 15 construction market sectors it measures," said Janice L.
There are numerous regulations coming into effect in 2012 and 2013 requiring submission of the applicable CICI and later, Legal Entity Identifiers.
The utility also makes available both full and change files for download of the CICI database for free to anyone who registers on the site.
The new utility established by DTCC and SWIFT will also be assisted by the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) in registering and validating entities going forward extending a federated approach to the CICI and ultimately to the LEI under the FSB's framework.
Best's group rating methodology and take into consideration CID, CICI and CSIC's roles and strategic importance to the Catlin group.
Best has also affirmed the ICR of "bbb" of Catlin Group Limited (CGL) (Bermuda), the ultimate parent company of CICL, Catlin UK, Catlin Specialty and CICI.
given a demonstration of CICI by the founder and president, James S.