CICICCanadian Information Centre for International Credentials
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Pestek ir Cicic (2010) pagrindiniais elektronines rinkodaros kaip sistemos elementais isskiria internetine svetaine, reklama, reklaminius skydelius, elektronini pasta, pardavimo apimties didinima, asmenini pardavima, tiesiogini pardavima ir viesuosius rysius.
Admitindo que os objetos luxuosos expressam os desejos e emocoes humanos, por meio deles pode-se conhecer um pouco os valores, crencas e atitudes dos consumidores (GALHANONE et al, 2008; HUSIC; CICIC, 2009).
Director Ashley Solomon, who plays flute and recorder, comes with Bojan Cicic on violin, Reiko Ichise on viola da gamba and Terence Charleston on harpsichord.
Second row: Robert Blau, Lori Cohen, Marjorie Valbrun, Dragan Cicic. Third row: Felicia R.
Within CMEC is the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC), which interacts with its parallel international credentials evaluation bodies, ENIC and NARIC (ENIC is the European Network of Information Centers, representing 53 countries; NARIC is its EU equivalent.)
Whereas some researchers have claimed that many aspects seen in the manufacturing sector are also applicable to the service sector (Boddewyn, Halbrich, & Perry, 1986), others have argued that the specificities of the internationalization of services make a case for separate consideration (Knight, 1999; Patterson & Cicic, 1995; Vandermerwe & Chadwick, 1989).
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