CICIGComisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad (Guatemala special police task force)
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CICIG is considered a hybrid institution on many levels.
Third, CICIG has a combined role of seeking criminal prosecutions and
CICIG has attracted interest well beyond Central America, where two other countries have approached the United Nations for help.
Six weeks after La Linea scandal broke, CICIG uncovered the money-laundering and politics scandal, tainting Baldizon's running mate, Edgar Barqum.
Each country would have to determine what the structure would be, but the CICIG has worked well," he said.
On July 15, CICIG revealed that Libertad Democratica Renovada (LIDER) vice presidential candidate, Edgar Barquin Duran, his brother, Deputy Manuel Barquin Duran, and Deputy Jaime Martinez Lohaiza were involved in laundering US $937 million that was later used to finance political activities.
The CICIG will address human rights abuses and also investigate the participation of government entities in crime when it becomes operational.
CICIG was established in 2007 to help dismantle criminal structures and train Guatemalan prosecutors.
CICIG says that wiretaps played a crucial role in this investigation as it made it possible to determine how SAT officials had set up a parallel payment schedule for customs duties to benefit a number of businesses in exchange for bribes.
The US Embassy and the UN-sponsored CICIG have also expressed their support for Paz y Paz and have praised her impressive record.
Verdicts sometimes reflect impunity, and although we respect the court's verdict we do not agree with it," said CICIG spokesman Diego Alvarez.
Those investigated by CICIG were sent to the Mariscal Zavala military base in Guatemala City as ordinary prison facilities are deemed to be unsafe for high-profile detainees, especially after four policemen arrested in the murder of three Salvadoran congressmen in February 2007 were shot and beheaded in what was supposed to be a high-security prisonNotiCen, February 22, 2007).