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CICSCustomer Information Control System (IBM)
CICSCorporate Information and Computing Services
CICSCanadian Institute for Climate Studies
CICSCanadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat
CICSCompact Integrated Communications System (Nortel)
CICSCriminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (UK)
CICSCentral Indiana Commuter Services
CICSCentre for Information and Community Services of Ontario
CICSCustomer Interface Control System
CICSConsejo Internacional de Ciencias Sociales
CICSCentral Information Control System
CICSCenter for Information and Computer Systems (Cairo University)
CICSCatalogue Item Confirmation State
CICSCarrier Identification Code Service (Sprint)
CICSChristmas Is Coming Soon
CICSCheck Interface Control System
CICSCypriot Internet Chess Server
CICSConstructivity in Computer Science
CICSConstruction Information Classification System
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The ability to transform CICS and IMS transactions into reusable components provides organizations with tremendous value in leveraging the core business functionality of the mainframe and integrating these valuable applications into new e-business development efforts," said Dale Vecchio, Research Director--Application Development of Gartner.
The advent of a client/server version of CICS is an important step for IBM in its efforts to meet enterprise customers' computing needs in the 1990s," said Michael Spindler, president and chief operating officer, Apple Computer.
By solving the need to provide seamless and reliable CICS application participation in the drive towards SOA, Verastream ensures that customers can leverage and service-enable their CICS assets more quickly and efficiently than ever before.
Customers can integrate CICS OS/2 Version 2 into their existing computer environments while protecting their investments in existing LAN/PC technology and CICS training.
HostBridge Technology develops computer software that uses XML to integrate CICS with applications without the use of screen-scraping or changes to the mainframe.
Pat Sueltz, director of transactions systems at IBM's Hursley Park Laboratories, stated that "this agreement recognizes Compuware's expertise in CICS problem determination tools and expands our existing relationship, which began when Compuware developed CICS PD/MVS for IBM.
NEON's Shadow RTE extends and capitalizes on the powerful new features of IBM's CICS TS 3.
The enhanced version of OPEN/image Virtual Workstation allows users to take advantage of the new OPEN/image for CICS software tools.
Synapta meets our customers' requirements for simplifying very complex processes -- the product installs with no modifications to the CICS 3270 application," continued Nitschke.
The Early Release Program gave customers an opportunity to see how CICS applications could cost-effectively move to Microsoft .
SQL for the COBOL data file support for the migrating CICS code allows Presidential Life to bring all its data into a common file system because the Life Insurance systems already use Btrieve.
Although the majority of CICS applications are critical to business operations, these applications are increasingly being viewed as an expensive burden, running on costly hardware provided by a single vendor, with little innovation in maintenance or enhancement options," said Ron Langer, senior director languages group, Fujitsu Software Corporation.