CICWCalvin Institute of Christian Worship (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)
CICWComité International de Classification de la WONCA (WONCA International Classification Committee)
CICWConstruction Industry Council Wales (UK)
CICWCentral Intracoastal Waterway
CICWChronic Illness Care Workshop
CICWCalvin Institute of Committed Walkers
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We are grateful to the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship (CICW) and the Calvin Center for Christian Studies (CCCS) for funding the PS-ARE Youth, and to Neil Carlson and Michael Sullivan of the Calvin Center for Social Research (CSR) for the many hours they spent programming the online survey.
3, 2005, for its range of specialty additives for use in the coatings, inks, ceramics and water treatment (CICW) markets.
"Real costs have risen significantly throughout 2004," said Bill French, vice president of the CICW business team, "and we expect to see similar upward pressure during 2005.