CICYTComisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología (Interministerial Comission of Science and Technology)
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This work was supported by the CICYT under contract TIC98-0433
The authors acknowledge CICYT (program IFD97-0813-C03) and the "Ramon y Cajal" programs for financial support.
This work has been supported by the CICYT under contract number TIC 98-0433 and partially supported by the "Comisionat per a Universitats i Recerca" (Grups de Recerca Consolidats 1999 SGR 00086)
We thank the Spanish and Catalonian research administrations (projects FIS 96/1050, CICYT SAF 97-068, and CIRIT DOGC 2320) for financial support.
The financial support of the CICYT (project MAT96-2310) is gratefully acknowledged.
Financial support through CICYT (MAT96-0477) and UPV/EHU (UPV 203.
We express our thanks to CICYT project MAT 8010-95 and Fondecyt, project 1960423, for partial financial support.
This work was supported by grant Mat93-0749C03-01 from the CICYT.
This research was supported by CICYT (MAT 92-0826) and Diputacion Foral de Guipuzcoa.