CIDDCanine Inherited Disorders Database
CIDDCommission Interdépartementale du Développement Durable (Belgium)
CIDDComité Interorganisations sur le Développement Durable (French: Inter-Agency Committee on Sustainable Development)
CIDDControlled Insulin-Dependent Diabetes (periodontology)
CIDDCenter for Instructional Design & Development (George Washington University)
CIDDCertification Interface Definition Document
CIDDCombined Immune Deficiency Disease
CIDDCarolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (University of North Carolina)
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The study demonstrates that Predictive's unique non-invasive clinical approach, known as Clinical Intervention Determining Diagnostic[TM] or CIDD, can identify with extremely high confidence those patients who do not have bladder cancer.
In fact, it was a factor in the merger with MSI and a key reason for forming the CIDD.
La loi belge du 5 mai 1997 sur la coordination de la politique federale du developpement durable prevoit que la CIDD se compose d'un representant de chaque membre du gouvernement federal, d'un representant du Bureau federal du Plan, en plus des representants des gouvernements des regions et des communautes (133).
CIDD was developed by Predictive to identify biomarker cutoffs that maximize negative predictive value in order to identify with very high certainty those who require no further intervention.