CIDDCarolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (University of North Carolina)
CIDDConsortium of International Double Degrees (est. 2000)
CIDDCanine Inherited Disorders Database
CIDDCommission Interdépartementale du Développement Durable (Belgium)
CIDDCombined Immune Deficiency Disease
CIDDComité Interorganisations sur le Développement Durable (French: Inter-Agency Committee on Sustainable Development)
CIDDControlled Insulin-Dependent Diabetes (periodontology)
CIDDCenter for Instructional Design & Development (George Washington University)
CIDDCertification Interface Definition Document
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Progressing from an initial situation in which the Center had to borrow facilities from the academic units of the university to deliver its training, CIDD now has a state-of-the-art facility with a broad variety of technological resources in terms of software and hardware.
For direction, curriculum development, and academic integrity, CIDD has added a half-time tenure-track faculty member whose forte is instructional design and delivery.
There are two distinct training opportunities offered at CIDD. The first is general training sessions open to the entire campus.
The 10 hour per week training program for CIDD faculty is based on the broad goal of the CIDD program, which is to enable USD faculty and staff to optimize the application of technology in their daily professional activities.
The faculty involved were to fulfill six CIDD expectations:
* Serve as a liaison between the CIDD and their academic units,
* Present their CIDD projects to their sponsoring entity,
* Provide advice and/or assistance in the design, development, and maintenance of the CIDD home page, and