CIDECConfederazione Italiana Degli Esercenti Commercianti (Italian: Italian Confederation of Artisans and Merchants)
CIDECComparative, International and Development Education Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CIDECCentro Interdisciplinario De Estudios Culturales (Spanish)
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With the reflections undertaken within the framework of the CIDEC and henceforth well equipped to face the challenges arising from the implementation stage of the Convention, we will evidently continue to closely monitor the proceedings of the organs of the Convention.
It was indeed repeated several times during the CIDEC proceedings that it was imperative to continue efforts toward increasing the number of ratifications, so as to strengthen the legal weight of the Convention and to make it a key instrument of international law.
More recently, in the latter half of the 1980s some primary producers, including Codelco, decided to create an international organization which would accomplish the same basic objectives as CIDEC.
With this industrial-strength security in the enhanced algorithm, brute force attacks will no longer be practical or feasible because CIDEC products can generate new keys to encrypt information as often as needed to meet the user's specifications.
CIDEC and CyNet are registered trademarks of Cylink Corp.
Cylink's CIDEC products transparently secure networks over high-speed, point-to-point or dial-up communication links.
Because our customers want the most flexible network security products, we applied our continued research and development to deliver on these four significant enhancements to the CIDEC product family," said Peter Slocum, vice president of engineering at Cylink.
Also, by incorporating Triple-DES into its CIDEC HSi, Cylink became the first vendor to offer this capability in a high-speed (2Mbps) encryptor.
Based On the Royalty-Free Diffie-Hellman Standard The CIDEC family features automatic key management based on Diffie-Hellman public-key technology, which eliminates the need for manual key distribution, the most expensive and vulnerable aspect of data security.
Forward-looking statements include statements regarding Cylink's opportunities with CIDEC Release 3.
Cylink's CIDEC high-speed, medium speed and low speed link encryption products -- the products upon which the company has built its global reputation -- provide point-to-point encryption essential for confidential and sensitive information that moves over wide area network (WAN) applications.