CIDFControl Interval Definition Field
CIDFCommon Intrusion Detection Framework
CIDFCultural Industries Development Fund (Canada)
CIDFChicago International Documentary Film Festival (Illinois)
CIDFCommon Intrusion Detection Format (computer security)
CIDFCorrelation Interferometer Direction Finding (antenna interference signals)
CIDFCentro de Investigación y Desarrollo Farmacéutico (Spanish: Pharmaceutical Research and Development Center; Ferrer Internacional; Barcelona, Spain)
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Schnackenberg, "The Common Intrusion Detection Framework (CIDF)," The Information Survivability Workshop, 1998.
As the chairperson of the CIDF put it, 'it is only when you are radical that you are getting heard' (Anonymous, interview conducted by the author June 6, 2006).
The CIDF was successful mainly because it grew, scaling up first out of Eldorado Park into all coloured suburbs of Johannesburg (working on a specific issue, ie the scrapping of arrears 'as in Soweto'); then moving beyond the coloured community, joining the Anti Privatisation Movement and other civics from Soweto in spite of some ideological divergence.
* The Cultural Industries Development Fund (CIDF): for businesses in the publishing, sound recording and film, and multimedia production industries;
With the assistance of well-heeled financiers such as George Soros and the Gerbode Foundation of San Francisco, Compassion in Dying has metastasized from a local Washington group formed to help terminally ill people kill themselves into a national organization, the Compassion in Dying Federation (CIDF).
Tenders are invited for development of fish market under cidf at tinsukia
Tenders are invited for widening of approach road towards bongaigaon from kishan bazar via palpara at bongaigaon under cidf for the year 2019-20
Tenders are invited for widening and improvement of kukurmari sutarpara road at bongaigaon under cidf for the year 2019- 20
Expressions of Interest are invited for Designs & Drawings and implementation of project under CIDF (City Infrastructure Development Fund) for Dhubri Town during the year 2018-19