CIDIComposite International Diagnostic Interview
CIDICouncil for Integral Development (Organization of American States)
CIDICenter for International Disaster Information (est. 1988)
CIDICentrum Informatie en Documentatie Israel (Dutch: Israel Information and Documentation Center)
CIDICompression Ignition Direct Injection (engine)
CIDICentre for Information and Documentation on Israel
CIDICentral Index of Dose Information
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GRUPOS (Fontes dos artigos) TOTAL DE No DE ARTIGOS DEFINICOES CIDI 3 22 P&D 3 12 Infodesign 2 12 Estudos em Design 2 4 Tabela 2 Tabela 2: Palavras-chave extraidas dos artigos do CIDI e nuvem de palavras construida a partir das informacoes da tabela.
2]-eq per mile and the WTW fossil energy use in MJ/mile for the LOF GCI ICEV, as well as E10 SI and diesel CIDI ICEVs for comparison.
A short diagnostic structured interview: reliability and validity according to the CIDI.
Although standardized diagnostic interviews such as CIDI [sup][2] have been shown to be quite reliable in various cultural settings and populations, very few studies have examined the clinical validity of these diagnostic interviews in Chinese population.
The psychometric properties of the CIDI have been described in various publications.
The MDQ, CIDI, M3, and similar case-finding tools can improve BPD recognition and facilitate timely treatment.
The suicide survey analyzed in this report is a section of the CIDI interview.
8% of non-smokers), while 12% received a moderate/high score on the short form CIDI depression scale (vs.
Of those who completed the initial screener, 231 were eligible for the second stage, 132 were available to confirm CIDI eligibility and complete a detailed baseline telephone interview, and 42 did not meet inclusion criteria.
4 EDEQ & DSM-IV criteria (I) Rueda, Diaz, Campo et al, 2005 100 interview CIDI (II) Rueda, Diaz, Ortiz et al, 2005 100 interview CIDI (II) Study Sample * TP FP FN TN Berger et al, 2011 64 191 17 535 Caamano et al, 2002 25 32 14 218 Cotton, Ball & Robison, 2003 21 23 6 173 Garcia et al.