CIDJCentre d'Information et de Documentation Jeunesse (French)
CIDJCentre d'information et de Documentation Jeunesse (French: Centre for Information and Documentation for Youth)
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Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: In CIDJ 75015 Paris
Jean-Franois Ploska with marked response to the tender Impv01 2017, do not open are: Let delivered on site at the reception point visitors 91, quai Branly 75015 Paris from 9 am to 16:30 of Monday to Friday, or sent by registered letter with return receipt to CIDJ 101, quai Branly 75040 Paris Cedex 15 with the same information as for deposit locally.
Andree Wendelbo, Director of the French Job Center ANPE, and Cristophe Carol, General Manager of CIDJ, said, "The acceptance and the use of Arel Spotlight was seamless and happened naturally; even untrained and unprepared participants could use it and go through the whole process of connecting and participating in interviews.