CIDLCanadian Initiative on Digital Libraries
CIDLCORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) Interface Definition Language
CIDLComponent Implementation Definition Language (programming)
CIDLConfiguration Item Data List
CIDLCenter for Independent and Distance Learning (University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK)
CIDLCapability Interface Defintion Language
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Over the past eighteen months, CIDL has been formulating and promoting a national vision for collaboration dubbed "Digital Canada" (Library and Archives Canada, 2004a).
CIDL will facilitate the creation of a series of similar meta-search engines that can be built on existing successful national projects such as Our Roots (Our Roots, 2003), Early Canadiana Online (Library and Archives Canada, 2005), and Virtual Museum Canada (Virtual Museum of Canada, 2005).
The CIDL concept is much like sewing a virtual "national quilt" to which every contributor brings a single standardized square.