CIDOCraigavon Industrial Development Organisation (UK)
CIDOCollège International d'Ostéopathie (French: International College of Osteopathy)
CIDOCentre d'Information, de Documentation et d'Orientation (French)
CIDOCourse Information Documents Online (Tertiary and Further Education; Australia)
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The ensuing years have witnessed the remarkable success by the company in the MDO (multi-disciplinary optimization) and CIDO (collaborative integrated design optimization) market segments in China where it has gained more than 100 paying customers across automotives, aerospace, aircraft, shipbuilding, railcar, machinery and other sectors.
A partir desta constatacao de que o consumo cotidiano manifesta-se permeado por uma serie de produtos "contrafeitos", popularmente conhe- cidos como piratas, percebemos a configuracao de tres espacos sui generis que se referem aos museus de contrafacao, objeto de discussao deste artigo.
El CidOs Pronatours offer guided tours of the colorful historic district, Old Mazatln, as well as excursions to nearby picturesque colonial villages located on nature preserves in the Sierra Madre foothills.