CIDOCCentro Intercultural de Documentación (Center for Intercultural Documentation; Cuernavaca, Mexico)
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Having shuttered CIDOC in 1977, Illich became a peripatetic professor, moving from non-radical, non-chic Penn State to the ugly modernist campus in the old Hanseatic free city of Bremen.
Electronic Esperanto: The role of the object-orientated CIDOC Reference Model, in D.
Building semantic bridges between museums, libraries and archives: the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model.
STAR/Museums provides multi-user access and unlimited report formats, as well as the ability to adapt to evolving standards, such as Dublin Core, SPECTRUM and SPECTRUM XML, and CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model.
Goff, The Persecution of Protestant Christians in Colombia, 1948-1963 (Cuernavaca, Mexico: CIDOC, 1964).