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CIDSCentral(ized) Inventory Distribution System
CIDSComponent Information Dictionary Standard
CIDSCisco Ids
CIDSCanadian Infectious Disease Society
CIDSCabin Intercommunication Data System
CIDSConcrete Island Drilling System (oil industry)
CIDSComponent Information Dictionary Standard (ECIX)
CIDSCritical Item Development Specification
CIDSCombat Identification System
CIDSCritical Information Dispatch System
CIDSConfiguration Item Development Specification
CIDSComputer Information Delivery Service
CIDSCommand Information Display System
CIDSCombat Identification for the Dismounted Soldier
CIDSCenter for Integrated Defense Simulation (Boeing)
CIDSChemical Ignition Device System
CIDSClient Incident Database System
CIDSCombined Immune Deficiency Syndrome
CIDSCombat Information Demonstration System
CIDSChildren Integrated Development Services (Sierra Leone)
CIDSCoopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité (French)
CIDSChronological In-Depth Survey (interview methodology)
CIDSCore Infrastructure Distribution System (General Dynamics UK)
CIDSCycle-Invariant Difference Set
CIDSChip-Interleaved Direct Sequence
CIDSCoordination/Communications in Direct Support
CIDSCommunity Information Delivery Service
CIDSClose in Defense System
CIDSCenter for Innovation in Distributed Systems
CIDSCentro Internacional Para Los Derechos Sindicales (Spanish: International Center for Trade Union Rights)
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Be more flexible granting CID modifications and extensions of time.
(139) If it is unclear who the regulator is or how many regulators there may be for a certain activity, an entity may seek to evade regulation altogether by "tightening product availability, eliminating features, or exiting particular product categories." (140) Although the possibility that the CFPB is going beyond its statutory boundaries is troubling in and of itself and will be discussed further, issuing CIDs in these circumstances also can compel entities to alter their compliance policies, (141) and may even lead "to higher prices for consumers and reduced choice in consumer financial products." (142) Banks may be among the most vulnerable to this burden as it was far less common for them to receive CIDs prior to Dodd-Frank.
Importantly, you should document your agreement about the scope of the CID. The investigation may move from one AUSA to another, and even if it doesn't, it's easy for one side or the other to forget the terms of the agreement if it is not memorialized.
In an interview of the various directors and board members of CIDs, Morcol and Zimmermann (2006) found that most agree that their CIDs are "very effective ...
Which is why SUIRG is leading the industry to embed a CID signal within the modems used by ground station transmitters around the world that send signals to satellites.
The schism widens when one considers the quality of response to community membership cultivated by CIDs. Residents of CIDs tend to view themselves as taxpayers rather than citizens, and they often perceive local property taxes as a fee for services they should receive rather than their contribution to services local government must provide to the community as a whole.
McKenzie melds together court decisions, lobbying and legislation, the economics of real estate development, and the role of governmental agencies (especially the FHA) and developer groups, to show how CIDs developed into their current form.
McKenzie attacks the RCA - which he calls a common interest development (CID) - for exhibiting a "communalistic, even cult-like isolationist nature." He is offended that in a poll of residents at the giant Leisure World RCA in Southern California, 92 percent of the respondents rated security "very important," and were happy to have the development patrolled by 300 private security officers.
Conservative scholar Charles Murray views CIDs as symbols of an emerging caste society in which the affluent, freed from dependency on public institutions, may come to regard cities as "an urban analog of the Indian reservation" - places of deprivation and dysfunction for which they feel no responsibility.
After carrying it for a week, CIDS purges the State Department daily press briefing, which is no longer available on paper.