CIDSECoopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité (International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity)
CIDSECentro de Investigaciones y Documentacion Socioeconomica (Spanish: Center for Socioeconomic Research and Documentation; Colombia)
CIDSECooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo y la Solidaridad (Spanish)
CIDSECatholic International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity
CIDSEConsolidated Integrated Development Support Environment
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For us, being based in Brussels, these were also not easy days," said Nilles, CIDSE secretary general, who was appointed to the Holy See delegation to COP21.
In its COP21 position paper, CIDSE asks delegates to enshrine the 1.
CIDSE campaigns for policy reform serving its "social justice agenda," by targeting "key events" internationally as one of its "core priorities and strengths.
71) See Caritas Internationalis and CIDSE, An Introduction to Global Governance through the Lens of Catholic Social Teaching, April 2007, http://www.
Secretary general of CIDSE, Bernd Nilles said: "This would be unethical and unjust.
The initiative drew its strength from the Asian bishops, said Bernd Nilles, CIDSE secretary general, who aided the statement's development.
Even absent a specific temperature target, the CIDSE director hailed the appeal as "a major achievement across continents," and in particular noted recent positive movement on the climate issue in North America--in the U.
The International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity a coalition of Catholic international development agencies known by its French acronym CIDSE, said in a statement that "a better deal for the African cotton farmers may have changed the course of the Cancun negotiations.
CIDSE, an international network of 14 Catholic aid agencies, immediately accused the G-8 leaders of "misleading public opinion.
bishops' Catholic Relief Services), and the Brussels-based CIDSE, (the French acronym for International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity), a network of 16 Catholic overseas development agencies spread from New Zealand to Ireland, have outlined the situation in "Putting Life Before Debt," a 32-page report released here April 15.
Ten years ago, Jean-Marie Fardou of CIDSE told NCR, that Zambia had one of the highest primary school attendance rates in Africa.
delegates on behalf of Caritas Internationals, Catholic Relief Services and the 17 national Catholic development funding agencies called CIDSE, the U.