CIDTCruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment
CIDTCentre for International Development and Training (University of Wolverhampton; UK)
CiDTCentre for Instructional Design and Technology (Open University Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
CIDTCanada Ice Dance Theatre (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
CIDTCompagnie Ivoirienne pour le Développement du Coton
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This is important because CIDT--now supplanting culture in many laboratories --identifies pathogens not likely detected by standard culture because culture is generally selective and CIDT is more sensitive.
Public health laboratories in FoodNet states could become key sites for maintaining public health access to isolates of enteric pathogens obtained by reflex culturing after a positive CIDT.
Torture and CIDT are prima facie wrong, and there is no serious challenge to that claim.
Survivors who rated CIDT events (deprivation of food, water, sleep, urination/defecation, and medical care, forced stress positions, isolation, fear-inducing psychological manipulations, humiliating treatment, exposure to hot/cold temperatures and exposure to extreme sensory discomfort) as more distressing were also likely to report their overall torture experience as more stressful.
The ITFC provided the facility to CIDT for the purchase of agricultural inputs to be distributed to local farmers on credit and the ITFC is reimbursed through the sales proceeds from the cotton ultimately exported by the borrowers.
The bulk reject is subsequently sent to CIDT (Center for Investigation and Technical Development) of Penoles in Monterrey, Mexico for metallurgical testing where a fourth assay for each sample is analyzed and a calculated head grade is received on the basis of a concentrate balance.
Positive CIDT results are defined as the detection of antigen or nucleic acid sequences of the pathogen, or for STEC, Shiga toxin or the genes that encode a Shiga toxin, in a stool specimen or enrichment broth using a CIDT.
Sunday by operatives of the city police and the CIDT team led by Senior Inspector Danilo Balmes.
Foremost, CIDT results can be obtained more rapidly than culture, a feature that can be critical for clinical decision-making.
United Kingdom, the ECHR held that the failure of the United Kingdom to effectively monitor the condition of a psychotic inmate who subsequently committed suicide constituted CIDT.