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CIDXChemical Industry Data Exchange
CIDXCombined Immunodeficiency, X-Linked
CIDXCanadain International DX Club
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At about the same time that the RosettaNet-UCC combination was announced., CIDX and GPA went public with their decision to work together on the adoption of XML-based standards within the gas processing industry.
Elemica members can upgrade to the latest Chem eStandard with the assurance that they will continue to interoperate with their trading partners running previous versions of the CIDX Chem eStandards (2.0.0 and 2.0.1).
To avoid the need to maintain and support a multitude of incompatible electronic interchange approaches, Quantum has elected to participate with other chemical industry companies in the Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) committee.
The joint effort will enable the implementation of a full suite of Chem eStandards, inventory, forecasting and collaborating electronic messages developed by the Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) for the transfer of extensible markup language documents between ERP systems.
It also supports standards that are more specific to certain industries; these would include VICS, TALC, AIAG, WINS, EDX, and CIDX, to name a few.
Envera also offers global trading partners in nine CIDX 2.0.1 compliant order-to-cash documents transferred between company ERP systems.